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MALAWI-the Friendly Country

Malawi, the land of the friendly people! Malawi is often referred to as "The warm heart of Africa". Tourists are welcomed with open arms and a friendly smile and it's this engaging attitude that makes Malawi a major draw card for tourists.

Lake Malawi

Malawi most dominant feature is Lake Malawi. Lake Malawi is a fresh water lake, the ninth largest Lake in the world. Lake Malawi is 560 km's Long and occupies an area of 29 600km's squared.

The Lake is home to 550 species of brightly coloured fish (Cichlid), crocodiles and plenty of magnificent fish eagles whose distinctive cry can be heard throughout the Lake. Lake Malawi has two inhabited islands, Chizumulu and Likuma. Lake Malawi offers fantastic snorkelling, canoeing and sailing opportunities.